Stephen Spicer Untitled/Forest, 2020 Wood, electronics, paint,
40 x 40 x 50cm, Artist collection, Bath.

Description/Operation: made from Laser cut plywood and using electronics this interactive piece contains a detailed forest. When the observer had looked inside for a short time and their eyes have adjusted, they will become aware of numerous small animals looking back at them. If the observer keeps very still, just if in a real forest; then the animals eyes slowly illuminate (see video) any movement however and they switch off and effectively go into hiding. They only return after a break and if no further movement is detected. Addressable LEDs, a PIR sensor and a Crumble Controller provide the operations.


Interior, while under construction.
Top surface detail. Some are cut holes to give the appearance of forest shadows inside.
Full size drawing. The planes are on display. Lines at the bottom are the fibre-optic guides and there is an Arduino controller on the side. When made a Crumble controller was used and the electronics moved to a seperate base.
Illuminated from above,
Basic operation