I must think up some clever titles for these things. This is a a non-religious image – although some might still say spiritual. It’s also obvious, which I don’t like – rays coming from a head. Been done 1000s of times.
It’s painted on wood. Foundation work was done with Derwent Inktense pencils over a primer of acrylic white Worked OK other than I can’t erase unwanted lines – they will the spaces in the grain and lie there waiting to trash whatever else goes over. This isn’t a problem on paper as long as you erase and clean up. Size is 150mm x 150mm. The smaller square is painted in reflective blue interference medium, which doesn’t show up much on this scan. This shows a pearl blue on reflection, I have a tube of it, W+N don’t appear to quite do the same item any more. Here’s the nearest.


I liked the idea of the current CoronaVirus being a time out to collect thoughts and reappraise where one is in the world and where one want to go. Personally I’m calm; but then I have a small social circle and I don’t see them every day. Most of all I miss my fellow students at Bath Spa – and the university.

Acrylic on wood 150mm x 150mm.